Present Tense

Steps 1 and 2

The first step in conjugating a verb is to recognize what the last two letters of the infinitive are.  Remember, there are only 3 types of verbs!  There are verbs that end with the letters AR, ER, and IR.  Next step is to figure out WHO is going to be doing the verb.  Here are your choices:

Singular (one person)

I Yo
You (familiar-friend)
He Él
She Ella
You (formal-older people or strangers) Usted (abbreviated to Ud. or Vd.)

Plural (more than one person)

We Nosotros (nosotras if we are all female)
Y'all (We might also say Hey "guys") Vosotros (vosotras if you are all female)
They (all male or male and female) Ellos
They (all female) Ellas
You all (the formal version of Y'all) Ustedes (abbreviated to Uds. or Vds.)

Notice 1:

The blue is what is known as FIRST PERSON (I and WE)
The pink is what is known as SECOND PERSON (you and y'all-the familiar/friend)
The green is what is known as THIRD PERSON (she, he, you formal, they, you all)

Notice 2:

Realize that He, She, They, We, Y'all, You all could be written as: José, María, José y María, José y yo, Tú y tus amigos, Usted y José.

José (any name really) or El chico (the boy) He
María (any name really) or mi madre (my mom) She
José y yo (somebody AND I) We
José y María (a couple names) or los alumnos (the students) They
José y tú (somebody AND YOU) Y'all
María y usted (somebody AND YOU) You all

Step 3...Conjugate!

Now that you have 1 Figured out which verb it is, and 2 Who is doing it, it is time to work magic! 


Yo -O Nosotros -AMOS
-AS Vosotros -ÁIS
El, Ella, Usted -A Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes -AN



To speak

yo hablo I speak
tú hablas You speak
el, ella, usted habla he/she speaks, you speak
nosotros hablamos we speak
vosotros habláis y'all speak
ellos, ellas, ustedes hablan they, you all speak

Notice how the -ar was removed from hablar and the different endings were added (You may see that HABLA looks like you just take off the -r.  This is not the correct way to conjugate.  Later, it does not work like that.  Trust the process.  Follow the rules)


Yo -O Nosotros -EMOS
-ES Vosotros -ÉIS
El, Ella, Usted -E Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes -EN



To eat

yo como I eat
tú comes You eat
el, ella, usted come he/she eats, you eat
nosotros comemos we eat
vosotros coméis y'all eat
ellos, ellas, ustedes comen they, you all eat


Yo -O Nosotros -IMOS
-ES Vosotros -ÍS
El, Ella, Usted -E Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes -EN



To live

yo vivo I live
tú vives You live
el, ella, usted vive he/she lives, you live
nosotros vivimos we live
vosotros vivís y'all live
ellos, ellas, ustedes viven they, you all live