Adjective Agreement

In Spanish, Adjectives must agree in Gender and Number with the Nouns they modify:

Notice that in the Spanish phrase EVERYTHING is Plural.  That's rule #1.  The other rule isn't so easy.  In Spanish, nouns have Gender.  They are either masculine or feminine.  English doesn't have that, but the closest thing would be using a/an.

  Masculine Feminine
English A dog* An apple*
Spanish Un perro Una manzana

Okay, so Nouns have Gender.  But since Adjectives have to Agree in Gender...

  Masculine Feminine
English a white dog* An red apple*
Spanish Un perro blanco Una manzana roja

Well, alright, I can accept that.  But what if you have a situation with both issues at once?  Gender AND Number?!

English Masculine Feminine
Singular a white dog* An red apple*
Plural Some white dogs Some red apples
Singular Un perro blanco Una manzana roja
Plural Unos perros blancos Unas manzanas rojas

Not difficult, just something to keep track of.

*These words aren't really masculine/feminine, but I used them to show you what I mean.